Conservation of the Santa Cruz Sandhills

As a result of their rarity and the ongoing threats to persistence, the endemic species and communities of the Santa Cruz Sandhills have been recognized as endangered by the Federal, State, and Local agencies. Their special legal status affords them some protection from future habitat loss, which greatly threatens their persistence.

Though legal protection is essential, long term conservation will require proactive measures to address the multiple threats to biodiversity at the genetic, species, and community level. Developed in 2004 to inform and guide Sandhills conservation, the Sandhills Conservation and Management Plan describes important elements of a comprehensive conservation strategy for the Santa Cruz Sandhills.

Three key components of the conservation strategy for Sandhills Conservation are:

Several projects with important implications for regional Sandhills conservation are currently being conducted.

The Sandhills Conservation and Management Plan
Active anagement is necessary to combat habitat degradation
Habitat preservation is essential to long term conservation
Education and outreach are essential to increase Sandhills awareness and appreciation
Sandhills Alliance for Natural Diversity (S.A.N.D.)
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