Santa Cruz Sandhills Education and Outreach

Education, interpretation, and outreach programs designed to increase public awareness and appreciation of the Sandhills will be crucial to long-term conservation. Many people living in and around the Sandhills are unaware of the biodiveristy treasure in their backyard. A variety of informative and enjoyable educational and intepretive programs in schools, parks, and museums can enhance people's lives while increasing support for local conservation efforts and thus the success of regional efforts to protect Sandhills habitat.

The Sandhills Alliance for Natural Diversity (S.A.N.D.), Santa Cruz County Parks and Recreation Department, California Native Plant Society, Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve Docents and Volunteers, and Santa Cruz City Museum of Natural History, among other organizations, host public education programs to increase awareness of the Sandhills, including:

The Sandhills Conservation and Management Plan outlines a variety of additional programs designed to facilitate Sandhills conservation, including school programs that will enhance community stewardship of the local biological treasure.

Families discover the Sandhills of Santa Cruz County
"Discover the Santa Cruz Sandhills" booth at a local environmental fair
Sandhills natural history hike
College field class in the Sandhills
Sandhills Alliance for Natural Diversity (S.A.N.D.)
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