Fauna of the Santa Cruz Sandhills

The Santa Cruz Sandhills support a unique assemblage of animal species that are adapted to the loose sand soil, unique vegetation, and relatively hot, dry microclimate of the Sandhills, including:

Other vertebrate species found in the Sandhills which are less common in the adjacent mixed evergreen and redwood forests include the night snake (Hypsiglena torquata), black-tailed hare (Lepus californicus), pocket mouse (Chaetodipus californicus), Merriam chipmunk (Eutamias merriami), and pileated woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus).

The Sandhills also support a diverse assemblage of invertebrates. In addition to several undescribed species and subspecies, the Sandhills support populations of the Santa Cruz rainbeetle (Pleocoma confugens conjugens).

Acorn Woodpecker granary in Sandhills ponderosa pine
bumble bee
spider and yellow jacket
western fence lizard
western rattlesnake
California quail nest in the Sandhills
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